Yo guys, so finals are just around the corner for me, so guess what? I get about a month off of school after my finals end next Wednesday, so I will be blogging a lot during the holidays! On top of that, I am going to make a lot of improvements to my own life during the holiday season. I will respark my passion in making Youtube videos, hopefully start doing art again, and definitely start going to the gym daily. So, for my first video on Youtube, I wanted it to have some pizzazz- something memorable and silly and relatable and meaningful all at the same time, because that somehow describes me perfectly in contradictory words. So I was going to do a sort of fake rap video, and here is my rap that I came up with. Let me know what you think on it- all I need now is a sick beat to impose this on and hopefully people find it amusing/low key good/low key bad because I can’t rap at all. Also, it’s inspired my Juicy J (because I was listening to him earlier today and his rhymes are dope/gangster/ratchet/hilarious).

“Think, Study, Work, Drink, Repeat”

I was born in cali, grew up right here,

but don’t know who I was until this year

My hands in my pocket, eyes looking at the ground,

As my mama says girl why you looking so down

I said mama who am I? I don’t belong here,

She said honey it’s your choice to be whoever this year.

I thought damn, she’s right, what the hell am I speaking?

Now I spend my time thinking, studying, working, and drinking.

Now I spend my time thinking, studying, working, and drinking.

Now I spend my time thinking, studying, working, and drinking.

If you don’t grind now, your time will be a wasting,

And sooner than the sun sets will your rival be chasing.

If you don’t give it all and set yourself in gear,

The only end you’ll see is someone else’s rear.

It may sound cheap but put in all you have,

the price comes with it and no discount, don’t be mad.

Cause soon enough you’ll be shopping without looking

At the sales, half off, retail, wholesale, or coupon booking.

Now all I do is walk my walk and never stop to think and

I spend my time thinking, studying, working, and drinking.

I just spend my time thinking, studying, working, and drinking.

I just spend my time thinking, studying, working, and drinking.

You heard it once before from your mama and your dad,

but I’ll say it once again, yo so don’t be mad.

You only got one life, so make it one worth living,

cause if right now’s not the right time, who cares? Keep on sippin.

I had a passion at one time, some friends, and some guy,

I was complacent with my case, who was I to deny.

Those toxic people in my life soon drained my soul,

I gave them all my love, but they were nothing but cold.

But ma said hold your head up, what did you expect?

Fake people won’t be there for you or give you respect.

I told you once, I told you twice, you can’t trust them,

Have faith in you, express yourself, and give all that you’re getting.

I thought damn, wow, she’s right as well, what was I thinking?

Now all I do think, work, and drink, and never stop giving.

Now all I do is sit back and give what I have been getting.

Now all I do think, work, and drink, and never be forgetting.

Thoughts anyone? Write them in the comments. I am now black



Back on the grid


Hey guys, I know I’ve been off the charts, literally MIA lately, but I’m back and so ready to continue blogging for sure. Ever since starting university about one month ago, I’ve been so busy perfecting my daily schedule and getting used to the freedom of college, I’ve found no time to exercise my creative side, but the intellectually stimulating atmosphere of university has caused me to want to start blogging again for a while now. So I was just doing my psychology homework and I took a twitter break (to be honest I take a lot of those) and saw some “hopeless romantic” stuff on people being like why is life OH-SO hard and depressing and I was thinking… I really want to change my blog name to “hopeless realist” because that is seriously what I am. So I was looking it up and of course, it’s already taken. There’s of course some other 25-year-old human in the world who probably reports on economics and politics and cold, hard news and calls himself the “hopeless realist”.

Anyways, the point is I went onto my blog and- holy crap- I got like 20 comments on my last blog post about what is wrong with this generation. And yes I read them all and they really really motivated me to start blogging again, and I really appreciate them. Honestly ever since I started blogging it’s been such a great way to fuel all my mental energy into something motivating, inspiring, and downright truthful. Not only do I want to inspire and change all of you, but I am able to look back on my previous posts and see how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve changed and honestly, it’s amazing. I highly recommend blogging for anyone and everyone out there. It’s a truly life-changing experience. Ok ok I know I always get off topic, but the point is, all of your comments and you followers out there have inspired me to come out of my college student nest and start blogging again. So the ultimate goal of this post is to ask YOU all, what are interesting, controversial, even minute topics that YOU want me to post about??? It can be anything from my opinion on the upcoming election of Clinton vs. Trump to my plans for the future with my boyfriend to how is college life like to what my favorite pizza is. COMMENT BELOW, I love hearing all your ideas and feedback you peoples of the world!

On top of that, I might start making a YOUTUBE CHANNEL with my boyfriend. Just like this blog, we’re going to blog about everything from our opinions about society to daily vlogs to makeup and beauty to gaming to stupid, hilarious crap to challenges to food reviews to literally every type of video that exists on Youtube because why stick to one topic when you can cover all of them, am I right??? So if you like this idea, please also comment below! I want to hear what YOU GUYS think of this!

Thank you all again for being so supportive of my chronic disappearances and my blog! You guys are the reason I keep going, and thank you so much!

❤ ~Angela

What is wrong with this generation


One in high school might notice that as the birth years become later, the generations become very different. One of the biggest differences is that the younger they get, the physically shorter they seem to get. As a junior and senior in high school, I’ve seen quite a few freshmen under 4 feet that literally look 10 years old. Another thing is that the females start to dress more indecently earlier on, maybe even starting in middle school. The guys all dress in the exact same clothes: khaki shorts, long white socks, vans, and a t-shirt or collared shirt. Girls’ shorts and tops are getting shorter, revealing those barely-there butt cheeks and flat, just-reached-puberty midsections. It’s the same the other way around. When I was a freshman in high school, the upperclassmen seemed bigger, more mature, more intimidating, more passionate about what they wanted to do, less involved in fakeness, social media, and actually excelling in sports instead of making last-place lacrosse team cults.

Not only are the physical characteristics drastically changing, but younger generations are starting to have less actual content in their minds. I bet a student 2 years younger than me can’t even write a blog post like this because they’re more interested in running around catching imaginary creatures in red and white balls through their phone apps than they are in society and its state. And personally I would have never really noticed the decline of our generations if it wasn’t for a person in my life who is also 2 years older than I am and points these things out to me.Younger generations are so into technology and social media nowadays that they forget to look out the window every once in a while. My generation is probably one of the last generations to play outside as a kid, and a bit of my childhood was actually spent on the computer, but mostly outside in the real world. One of my family friends has 2 daughters, one about 8 and the other about 6, and they both carry around iPads all day. Their mother told me that everyone in their classes have glasses because all they do is look at iPads and screens all day. If you think about it, it’s quite sad that kids are ruining their eyes and their minds these days because all they look at is artificial screens that keep them occupied through meaningless material.

Kids can’t really do anything by themselves these days. Everything is fed to them with a sparkly, gold spoon. Teens feel they can be independent, thinking individuals that are entitled to their own political, religious, whatever views. But think about it, teens can’t even meet the basic needs for themselves as humans and animals to be independent. They can’t pay their own bills, they can’t live in their own houses, they can’t even feed themselves. But since everything is given to them, they believe that life is easier than it really is and that their opinions about deeper subjects should be acknowledged. They take their roots, their parents, and their privileges for granted. I personally know some people that will one day post something on facebook about their opinion on police shootings or #blacklivesmatter and the very next day post something immature, unappreciative, and spoiled like “wow my mom didn’t get me the new iPhone 6, I hate her so much!” Kids, listen to yourselves these days. The reason people don’t respect your opinions is because you can’t even respect your elders, your parents, and yourselves. You go around the place wearing shorts that are shorter than the attention span of a goldfish, carrying your brand new iPhone and running around the streets playing Pokemon Go, badmouthing your parents to your friends, throwing fits every time you don’t get your way, and what? You want your oh-so-important opinion to be acknowledged by adults, politicians, the President? You really want to make a difference in the world? First learn how to take care of yourself, then we’ll see to that.

All you teens these days just need to open your minds, express yourself, pursue your dreams, stop caring about what people think of you, and show some respect for once. That’s all you need to do. And maybe the world and this generation will already start to be a better place.

My Spiel on Society


I recently met a very influential figure in my life who has taught me more than anyone has ever taught me about humans, relationships, and society. He taught me how to get cured of one of the worst diseases in society of this era: fakeness. How people have resorted to valuing themselves on the number of likes they get on their digitally edited pictures or the number of their followers truly astounds me. How people can’t even sit down and have a meaningful conversation with another person but rather just waste time trash talking other people’s lifestyle, personal features, popularity, people who will actually never be the ones to pay their bills at the end of the day or help them through their struggles because they are completely irrelevant to their own lives, really are the people that currently make up our society. This new millennium may be dubbed the “digital age” but our innate ability to be social animals is really what holds human relationships together, and this new generation currently lacks much of those skills. But a man has taught me through his unconditional positive regard, support, and goodness of his heart to always do the right thing has shared with me the key to social success and I’ve come to give some of this advice to those blog readers who are still with me on this and willing to listen. That man is the love of my life, and not just another “boyfriend”, but my true soulmate, best friend, and partner in crime, Sachlin.

So what is being fake really? You may not even notice, and don’t take this the wrong way, but you are actually being fake day-to-day from going to school, to talking to your peers, to going home and telling yourself what you love to do, to checking your phone, to every little action that you take and don’t even think about. Being fake is really when you are not expressing who you truly are. For example, you go to school, wave at people you recognize but not actually know, sit down with the same people you see everyday in class, and have fun meaningless conversation and joke around right? Sounds like a typical day at school right? Precisely, but there is an ultimate underlying principle of being fake just to all of that. Here’s what I mean. Who are those people to you, really? Your friends right? You want to tell yourself that, I know. But the reality is that these people may not be your true friends. At the end of the day, will they be there for you when you are in need? Will they stick by your side regardless of the circumstances? Would they be willing to sacrifice their own time, money, or freedom for you? If you find yourself questioning any of these, these are not your real friends. In reality, when you leave high school and go off to college at whatever corner of the world you choose or get a job or join the military or whatever you are planning to do, they won’t be there anymore. They won’t hit you up with a “Hi, how’s your life going after high school ended?” It’s like you were never their “friend” in the first place. And that’s the cold, hard reality, unfortunately. After high school, which marks the beginning of a real life, these people won’t mean an ounce to you. If you can’t find people who WOULD be willing to do these things for you, you never established real friendships or actually learned anything in school.

What did it take for me to realize this? Senior year of high school. I was part of what I used to call my “Asian Clique”. Just us 8 girls who have been friends since the beginning of high school and known each other since like elementary school. Only a few things really held our clashing-personality group together. We were all Asian, had those strict parents who only cared about grades, and took a bunch of (useless) AP classes together. We were in the same grade, so we had classes and lunch together, and of course the same homework. Oh, and time. Not only did the number of our years solely hold us together, but now I realize it was just in fact a WASTE of time. I truly thought they were my friends, until my eyes were finally opened to the truth. I can’t go through the day and tell them everything. I couldn’t talk to them about my problems and personal issues. I couldn’t share my passion, figure skating, with them because they had absolutely no interest. I couldn’t hang out with them outside of school without starting drama or having the eyes of contempt and envy on me all the time. I couldn’t even have a relationship without them thinking I “ditched” them. Real friends don’t need you in their presence 24/7 to be loyal to you. Real friends forgive you. Real friends support you no matter what. Real friends will help you. And now nearing the end of my senior year, I realized how absolutely toxic of an environment it was being “friends” with them. And honestly, I’m so glad to be alone again doing my own thing and being able to be myself instead of being part of a poisonous and extremely fake group of people, now matter how long we’ve been “friends”.

How do you overcome it? After I’ve realized all this about myself, I asked Sachlin, “So what do I do now?” His answer to me was “express yourself”. I asked him how to do that, and what he told me was that you can’t exactly say how to do it, you just have to do it. Basically, what I learned through this and what he taught me is that you have to be yourself. It may sound easy, but so many people fool themselves thinking that they act the way they really are. Follow your dreams, say what you mean, be kind but also draw a line in the sand where it needs to be, and stick to your passion through thick and thin. May sound like common sense, but it’s harder to manifest than it sounds. For example, my life passion is synchronized figure skating. I’ve always been lowkey about the sport being my passion until recently because no one has heard about it and even less appreciate it. My friends never took interest in it, my family never came to my practices and competitions, and even winning Nationals in 2013 didn’t increase my outward passion for the sport. Well, I went to Scotland in February representing Team USA for synchro and attained first place, which has been one of the most life-changing and amazing experiences in my life. After that, everything changed. Now, meeting new people through my job, through Sachlin, and changing my outlook on life, I officially embody the Team USA synchronized figure skater champion I deserve to be looked at as and express it. I am proud of my accomplishment and look at it as my life passion and what I hope to keep pursuing. And that’s when I became “real”, or began the process of doing so. Not only that, but I began to find new interests in life such as my childhood love for art and a newfound interest in boxing. I stopped caring about the fake people in my life who mean nothing, expelled the drama and toxicity, redefined my social media accounts, and began focusing on myself, my passion, and building a future with my love. It’s been a truly eye-opening journey, and difficult, not going to lie. But finding a person to support me the whole way, love me unconditionally, and grow with me, has helped me through the process so much. In fact, Sachlin was the one who started me on this journey. It’s so hard to stop caring about what others say about you, but once you start doing so, you start truly expressing yourself.

It’s never too young to start dreaming big. Yes, I’m 17 and just starting to exit high school and enter college, but my worldview is probably bigger and better than most 21-year-old college graduates, not going to lie. You may not think you are as smart as a senior because you are a freshman, but it really doesn’t matter if you start deciding to plan for your own future now. I’m 17 and I want to spend my life with Sachlin because we understand each other, help each other grow, and will always be there for each other. I’m 17 and I want to be financially free in the future so I don’t have to work a 9-5 job trading my time for money and being unable to pursue my true passion because I spend all my time working. I am 17 and I will only accept people who care about me and are willing to be there for me as my friends, and same goes to them from me. I am 17 and I am going to UCSD next year, one of the best universities in the country to gain a degree in Mathematics but at the same time build a future with my soulmate while working a job and building a business. Remember who I am the most though, a Team USA international gold medalist, national champion synchronized figure skater who doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of me.

I just showed you strangers on the internet who I truly am, now are you going to be yourself or just be fake like everyone else?

Love for all of you fangelas out there 🙂


15 Tips From A High School Senior

  1. Experiment. With friends, with classes, with relationships, with interests, with sports, with clubs, with hobbies, with basically anything. High school is a time to find out what you truly enjoy in life, and it’s a time to learn what really sets you off and what really makes you happy. Adults will always be telling you, “Oh you’re just in high school, you don’t need to worry about what you want to do later in life.” But honestly, the future and deciding what you want to do with it will creep up on you faster than the rising sun. And after just a few years into college, you’re going to have to choose a major…which is pretty important for your future career. The point is, time flies, so try new things starting right now. As a senior, I regret not doing school sports, not joining more clubs, making more friends, only taking the classes that will make my transcript look good, etc. Honestly, I wish I could change friend groups. In fact, I wish I could change schools because I found friends at other schools which I like much more, as snarky as it sounds. But at this point, there’s only a few months left of senior year, and it’s too late for me to do all these things. So I encourage you all to try not to make the same mistakes. If you do, that’s also okay. Experiments can lead in failures as well, but that is a part of learning. You only miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  2. Open Up. I am introverted, and I do admit it. I’ve lived my childhood on the internet, hiding my true feelings on my blog, on social media, etc. I can barely have a legit conversation with a real life person without feeling awkward every 2 seconds. I regret that because it would’ve been easier on my emotions to open myself up more earlier. Only when I really stopped caring about what people thought about me did I sort of open up myself more. Talk to people you sit next to, raise your hand in class more often, approach your teachers more. It can only benefit you- trust me.
  3. Learn to break up with someone. Whether it be a good friend, a boy/girlfriend, a friend group, or any other person, learn to let go of someone who is toxic to your life. At some point, ask yourself if that person is even worth fighting for anymore. Ask yourself if having that person in your life really just hurts you at that point. Ask yourself if they would even care if you let them go. High school is a time to learn how to let go, but also a time to learn how to love. Learn how to commit to someone, how to be seriously, deeply in love with someone. Learn how mechanisms of the human soul work in others. Learn how to make boys love you, and how to love them in return. And honestly, if you want me to be straight up honest about my experience with relationships, how you break a boy is to love them with all your heart and when they break up with you, just walk away. You will fix yourself eventually, but when it hits him later on, how will he fix himself knowing that you are long gone from him? Learn to love, and learn to let go.
  4. Don’t be a slave to routine. I honestly say this phrase about myself way too often. Don’t get caught up in the everyday comfort of routine. Complacency is the enemy. You only lose when you stop trying to improve. So instead of being content with what you have, always strive for more. Always do those 5 extra push-ups, eat that extra cookie, talk to that one person you’ve never approached before. Always try to do more, even if you’re happy with where you are currently. Because you always CAN do more. So why not?
  5. Don’t give a shit. Your teenage hormones may be telling you “oh what if he doesn’t like me?” or “oh what if my makeup looks bad?” or “oh what does that one random person think of me?”, but honestly by the time you’re a senior, those things really won’t be important anymore. What will be important is how you set yourself up for a prospective and bright future. Don’t be the one who peaked and high school and couldn’t get it together for college and beyond. And after you stop caring about what people think of you and are completely comfortable in your own skin, that’s when you start loving yourself, which will eventually lead the right people to gravitate to you in your life. Life usually works out- trust me, just be yourself, smile, and hold your head up high.

Other things that don’t need explaining…

6. Don’t get addicted to coffee, it will ruin you.

7. Sleep a decent amount for once, goddammit.

8. Go for a walk every once in a while- it really clears your head and activates your muscles.

9. No one cares how many likes you got on that one Instagram picture.

10. Eat whatever the heck you want, your metabolism will only slow down from here…

11. Don’t sit there and go on your phone and not talk in every class like I did.

12. Don’t focus so much on romantic relationships. High school love is worth $5.

13. You bet it is a damn great accomplishment to watch a whole season on Netflix in one night.

14. Learn an excessive amount of memorable song lyrics. It’s really fun.

15. Most importantly, don’t eat the school food. It’s nasty.

Love you all ❤



My Theory on Regression Towards the Mean


So the other day I learned a term in psychology class, regression towards the mean, which I feel can be applied to a lot of things in life. In technical terms, it means “the tendency for extreme or unusual scores to fall back toward their average”. In other words, when one extremely amazing things happens, or one extremely bad things happens, the thing that happens after it is more “normal”, relatively speaking. Like if you’re in sports of any kind, one day you’ll have a really bad game and you’ll play worse than you normally do. And the next time you play, your performance will be better because it will be more how you normally play, and you’ll feel better about yourself. That’s why coaches look at how you usually do in the long run to see your improvement, because if you’ve improved in the short run, it could be because of an innumerable number of reasons. And if you’ve improved in the long-run, it clearly shows that your performance and skill has actually improved overall.

However, I really want to focus on the regressing part of this term, the part where you go back to “normal” and the overall application of this into social relationships. To me, going back to “normal” feels like stagnation, it feels like everything is just back to the way it was, and I feel unaccomplished with what I have done. In relationships, you begin out with no friends, technically speaking. Then, for example, you make a good friend at school. They become your best friend, the one you always tell your problems, the one you can always have a laugh with, or the one you can always count on to be there. But then one day, you have a fight over a big problem, and you can never forgive them. You lose your best friend, and that feeling of friendship you’ve had with them isn’t there anymore. You go back to your “normal” life, what you were before, a person without that best friend. Situations like this have happened to me before, and during that “normal” phase, and I can honestly say it’s lonely sometimes, it’s depressing sometimes, but in other ways it’s also freedom.

So let’s call this “normal” phase the stagnation phase. The first step in the stagnation phase is recovery. This is when you are learning to move forward from that person in your life. You are learning to let go, forgive, and move on. It’s hard, I know, but trust me you can do it. They were once a special person to you, but not anymore, and it’s okay. Don’t hold on to someone that is not worth holding on to. After that, you’ve moved on, and you are in sort of an intermediate phase, the actual stagnation part of the stagnation phase. You’ve forgiven, maybe even made up by now, but don’t ever go back to that person. You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT go back to the thing that hurt you. But now you feel like a sort of “midlife crisis” is on your hands. You’re okay, but you don’t feel of any use. It’s also a blessing in disguise. It’s a time for you to learn about yourself, discover your passions and interests, explore and find reasons to love life. It’s a “you” phase, focus on yourself and finding happiness within yourself. If you lost yourself in your last relationship, it’s a perfect time to find yourself again. Be yourself, and if others don’t like the way you are, they aren’t meant to be in your life. The last part of the stagnation phase is finding new people. Now that have found happiness within yourself, spread that love to others. Branch out and make new friends, spread your passions and your love, and you will find yourself starting the cycle of life all over again.

My whole point of coming up with this article was to let you all know that life is a cycle and the winner is the person who always keeps moving forward. History does repeat itself, and you can hurt and be hurt many times over by the same thing, the same person, the same situation. But don’t let things drag you down. Don’t focus on relationships with others so much when you don’t even understand yourself. Once you find yourself and reasons to love yourself, others will start loving you for those reasons too. Learn to love, but also learn to let go. You can never go backwards in the cycle, back to things meant to stay in the past, because it will just hurt you more. You can start over, but you can’t go back in time, and you definitely cannot give up. Most importantly, don’t feel discouraged by stagnation in your life. Or “regressing towards the mean”. Look towards the big picture. Take advantage of what you have, make the best of it, and you will find happiness.


Why I Want to Join the Marine Corps


Hello fellow blog readers and bloggers. This is one of the most important (to me) topics I have ever wanted to blog about, but I never had a clear, concise answer until very recently. I’ve also had many doubts and internal conflicts about posting this, but the time is now or never. I’ve enumerated a myriad of reasons in my head, and I’ve cut it down to a clear few. Most of you probably didn’t even know I want to join the Marine Corps, but now you know, and I have wanted this for about 2 years. Now, I feel the need to write down the reasons so in the future I can remember exactly why I chose this path in life.

Firstly, I want to say that it was a very important decision to me when I decided that I want to join the military in the future. This could possibly be the most memorable experience of my life, or even the rest of my life as it is. As dangerous as it may be in the military, I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life serving the people I love in this country. I can tell you for sure that I could be doing different things with my life; there is an innumerable list of opportunities. I could also be making bank, getting a degree and a high-paying job, raising a family, getting married, interning, anything, you name it. Many people have already tried to convince me out of my choice, saying that I am too young to be deciding my life this way, that I am being irrational. Others have said I am just a “wannabe”, a fake, that I just wanted to be like someone else. Maybe when I first found interest in the military, I was some of the things that these people say. But now I am not, I am going to do this, no matter what, for myself and for my country.

I do indeed have my personal reasons. However, I want to first warn you all that I am a very cynical person and I am well aware of it. If you have read my blog for quite a while, you probably caught a hint or two of that in my previous posts. Also, don’t try to make me feel better, because this is the cold hard truth and it is what I have been thinking for a long time.

I don’t find much worth in my own life anymore. But to me this is not a bad thing. I feel the best thing I could do with my life at this point is dedicate it to helping others. Each individual in the military, no matter how trivial, relatively speaking, is a contributor to the people and our country. Each individual is honorable and essentially good, and I want that to be my legacy. So maybe I am doing it for my own satisfaction, but I’m hoping that while I’m satisfied with my contributions I’ve also helped many people through my services. Why don’t I find meaning in my own life anymore? That’s a whole another topic to get into, so I’ll just say that I basically feel lost in the world, cynical of myself and purposely isolated. I essentially feel like I’ve been through so much bullshit dealing with drama, and my decisions, and people  and situations of all sorts, and I kind of lost hope in some the decisions I’ve made in the past. Although you may think, “she doesn’t even have it bad” or “she’s exaggerating”, this is the reality what I feel about myself. Maybe, just MAYBE, through military service I can find myself and my purpose and people who are similar to me and will be my companions through life.

I know I am quite a morbid person. But these are not the only reasons. I’m not that person that feels so much pity for myself that I feel I have to die to resolve my issues. As the cliche goes, I do love my country. I love the United States. I can honestly say I’m so glad my first-generation immigrant parents decided to move to this country to raise me. And even though I sound like a total classic ‘Merica confederate right now, I can’t appreciate this country enough. And I would be so proud to represent my country. I am also extremely respectful of those in the Armed Forces who have served our country and it would be an honor to do so myself. No matter what anyone says about me, I really feel at home when I think about my decision to do this. I’m determined to make this my future, and nothing can possibly stop me.

Semper Fidelis ~ Always Faithful 🙂


Math Is My Favorite Subject!


Some people may say this is weird, but mathematics is my favorite subject in the world. One may say “Oh, it’s because you’re Asian right” or “Oh, you only like things that you are good at” and all of the above may be true, but I feel like I like mathematics for a whole different reason.

Firstly, let me tell you about my background. I took Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC throughout middle school and high school. Right now I am a senior in high school taking AP statistics, which I surprisingly find to be the most interesting math class I have taken to this day. My mother is a statistician and has a master’s degree in Statistics. My father is a biologist. As you probably know, I plan on majoring in math/statistics/other math subject and working in a math-related industry when I graduate college. Obviously, I really enjoy math being a part of my life.

I think math has always been interesting to me because it’s such an abstract subject. Like honestly what are numbers really? Just a bunch of symbols that we as humans put abstract values in to. They don’t really mean anything, but we can do so many things with him. Humans have figured out how to create nuclear bombs, build cities, and design fortresses with these simple symbols. We have such a great ability to think abstractly; numbers are basically our greatest invention yet. We can use numbers to basically accomplish an innumerable capacity of feats unimaginable. I think that’s also what I like about math. That I am able to apply made up symbols to real world situations. That’s probably why I enjoy statistics the most right now. Statistics basically can tell you anything about the world: predictions, trends, and many surprising facts. Sometimes I just sit and wonder about math and how it is the most simple yet interesting subject ever.

You’re probably tired of me nerding off about math haha, thanks for bearing with this post. But I have a great new idea for my blog 🙂 My sister is super into graphic design and I want her to make a new logo for my blog! She’s super good and it will look super professional, so I am starting to revamp my blog again and I hope she can help me make it look super awesome! I’ll show you guys when I get the results 🙂

Math is life. Stay cool fam.


How Much Have I Changed Since … I Last Blogged?


Sometimes I feel like I don’t know myself anymore. And I can honestly say this after reading my blog posts from when I used to blog more. I am seriously not the best person to judge how much I have changed, so how about you guys tell me? Here’s what I said about myself on my first blog post on December 14, 2014:

“Hello, I’m Angela Zhou (pronounced like “joe”, which would elucidate the obscure pun in the title of my blog). I am 16 years old and living in San Diego. I am a junior in high school, taking a (in my opinion) mediocre number of AP classes, and competitively doing synchronized ice skating at the same time. I enjoy many things such as art, music, fashion, fitness, and food. Things I am obsessed with are cows, youtube, (admittedly) Instagram and Twitter, human centipede (don’t ask), and twincest 🙂 You may have heard of me from my previous years’ blogs on gaming and fashion. If not, let’s keep it that way. I also enjoy making Youtube videos ( check out my channel at youtube.com/TwinsEntertainmentUS) but I currently do not have time to keep it running and may resume it during the summer.”

I don’t know, I feel like that old me was really young, pretty immature, and definitely not what I am like now. But let me reintroduce myself and I’ll see what you guys think.

Hello, my name is Angela Zhou and I am 17 years old. I am currently a senior in high school and I live in San Diego, California. My primary interests right now or synchronized figure skating, working out, and blogging. I work at the ice arena near my house for experience and to be close to the sport I oh-so-love. I am planning to go to a distinguished university in southern California and become an officer in the Marine Corps after I earn my bachelor’s degree in college. In my free time, I like to consume excessive amounts of coffee and pad thai, sleep way too much, and keep up on social media. My favorite subject is math and I will probably major in a mathematics-related subject in college, such as statistics, engineering, or applied mathematics. After the military, I would like to become an actuary or do something with business. I have an identical twin sister who is very much unlike me. I hope you guys enjoy my blog and thanks for putting up with my pathetic, lazy butt 😛

Wow I still sound immature, haha, but nonetheless, that’s pretty much what defines me 🙂 It’s only been a year, but I miss this blog so much 😀 I forgot how much fun it is to write! Thanks for following me guys!

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”


I am alive!!!


Hey guys, it’s my senior year of high school and all the stress and pressure have finally leveled out as my senioritis takes over. All though I have many college apps to do, I am not overburdened with classes and homework anymore like I was for the past few years, which is probably the best feeling ever. I have decided to revive my blog starting today because I’ve realized my creative thoughts and ideas have atrophied due to my preoccupation with homework and such since last year. I want to refuel my creative outlets and start blogging again, and I believe my feelings, aspirations, and ideologies have changed so much since I last blogged that I want to share my thoughts with the world. For now, this post is just a trailer for the fantastical movie of my life, and more will be coming soon 😉

Stay humble, stay hungry my friends.